Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sugar Skulls showcase!

Most people who know Miss Poppy has recently noticed my relatively new obsession with sugar skulls.  I find these far from morbid or sinister, instead I find that they actually celebrate life, good memories and the people we love.  Many latin countries celebrate `the day of the dead` on 1st of November, when a graveside or altar becomes a gathering point for the family and friends of the departed.  Often, favorite food or drink is placed there, as a gift and the loved one is discussed and remembered.  The skulls are tradtional sugar sculptures which represent the day and the celebration of life.  Here are some of the great items I found on ETSY by some talented people.  I hope you enjoy them!

This bunting is a departure from the usual pennant style with polka dots, florals or blocks of colours, love the safety pin feature and the bright colours.

My shopping bag sure isnt as colourful as this one, the orange crysanthumums are also a feature of the `day of the dead` celebration.  Lovely details on this pocket mirror, great to pop into your bag!

Here is my spin on the genre - I made a sugar skull carved pumpkin last halloween!  I hope you have enjoyed these wonderful creations,  all to be found on ETSY.

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