Monday, 30 July 2012

The fruits of my labour.....

Lavender & Geranium bath oil and hand and cuticle balm gift pack.

Lavender and Geranium hand and cuticle balm.

 I have felt really creative today and like many people I just have to follow through with my ideas, otherwise they just blow away in the breeze!

I have come up with two new gift packs today, a lavender and geranium bath oil and hand and hand and cuticle balm pack.  As well as a Lime essential oil soap and lavender solid body butter pack.  Both with ribbon, shredded tissue, vintage style heart embellishment and a handy reuseable flowerpot.  All wrapped in cellophane with a vintage style luggage label.  All will be available to buy very soon!

Lavender and Geranium bath oil

Lime essential oil soap and Lavender solid body butter.

Lavender solid body butter with lavender flowers and lime soap.
See you soon XX

Friday, 27 July 2012


Lavender - wiith a hard-working honeybee
It`s been hot, sunny and a whole lot of fun here at Costa-del-Norfolk this week.  With the first week of the sunny summer holidays we have had plenty of swimming pool action, water fights, pizza and a few 10km cycle rides.  Not even a high speed cycle crash last night could dampen our fun!  I was rally glad I wore my cycle helmet though.

Miss Poppy`s garden has thoroughly enjoyed the sun too with lots of honey bees, fragrant sweetpeas and quite huge and stunning clematis.

The veg garden is also blooming!  At last!


Cherry toms! As sweet as cherries.

A bit of cucumber action

The trusty moneymaker.  Tomato and mozzerella salad next week!

I`m cheering on Cav this weekend,  I really hope he gets gold!

Have a great weekend  XX

Friday, 20 July 2012

Super cycles!
 The Tour de France ends this weekend, it`s been really thrilling and to make it extra special, we may have a UK winner for the first time ever.  I dont want to tempt fate but to wish Team Sky all the luck in the world, here are three super cycling inspired pieces, all from ETSY.  Click on the links to find out more!

I love the way the yellow bird lifts off with the bike in this print from Past Time Prints.  I wish I was as graceful when I ride my bike.
 Proudcloud`s version of the yellow jersey, is, lets face it, to closest I will ever come to actually wearing the race leaders jersey.  However, I do love my bike, which I ride every day!

Little Miss Quater`s pink fabric quarter would make a lovely cushion cover, kindle cover or bunting; love the penny fathings! This has been handprinted and is available in different colours too.

All I can say is good luck Wiggins!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lemon balm and Christmas.

Lemon hand balm
  Another busy week at MISS POPPYS HQ!  The end of the school year has brought prize giving, sports days, discos and glee syle stage perfomances for my children.  They are now completely pooped and can`t wait for the summer holidays to begin!  I must say I agree with them - if only it would stop RAINING!

I have just made my first LEMON hand balm - after the great success of my TANGERINE hand balm, I realised that citrus fragrances are ultra desireable.  Available on ETSY & FOLKSY from this week!

SPICE christmas limited edition soap
 I`m still building up my Christmas protfolio, which does seem a little odd in July!  SPICE to the left is robust and masculine, with a ginger, cimmamon and clove fragrance.  Its also pastel green and white witha slight marble effect.

SNOW (below) is ivory, with a berries and frosted citrus fragrance and is both fresh and feminine.  With no added colour.

Both are now on my curing rack- and will be available soon!
SNOW christmas limited edition soap
As a cyling fan, I`m hoping for a Wiggins win this weekend - so my next blogpost will be cycling inspired and will showcase some extra talented UK designers.  SEE YOU SOON  XX

Friday, 13 July 2012

Folksy Friday Campervans

I don`t know what it is about campervans but they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and always raise a smile!  I think most people feel the same way about these little vans which seem to have a personality of their own.  Here are three great campervan related items from talented FOLKY sellers - click on the links to find out more!

A great pink and floral cushion from ELLABELLA.  Really imaginative design with a feminine twist.

 I love the union jack buttons!  Here`s a London 2012 inspired keyring from HANDMADE BY MK.

A green and yellow embroidered badge - a great gift for a true campervan fan.  From LOVETEXTILES.

Holiday season is just about upon us - how many of us will be scooting around the UK in one??

Have a great weekend XX

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New items!

 Gosh, I`ve been busy this week, I have designed and created two new environmentally inspired soaps.

To the right is SAHARA, made with coconut, olive and sweet almond oils with added shea butter.  I`ve fragranced it with sandalwood and added blush pink waves of colour.  I hoped it would look like a sand dune, I was so pleased with the result.

Next was RAIN (no prizes for guessing why), again with extra shea butter and fragranced with a fresh water aroma with spicy top notes.  I also added fresh rainwater!  I think the blue colour I have used looks like water ripples.

I have also been thinking about CHRISTMAS and have come up with two seasonally inspired soaps - to the right is FROST, wintery mint with berries and frosty blue.  Below is FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH, spicy and sweet and a super yellow and sunset red colour scheme.
Frankincense and Myrrh

Due to the soap curing process, all four designs wont be available to buy for four weeks.  Rain and Sahara will be available on ETSY and FOLKSY, however FROST AND FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH will be available at the Tannenbaum Christmas Barn! Visit them on

I`m also chuffed to say that MISS POPPY is now also supplying the Ducks Drift in South Creake.  Visit them on and book your next weekend away!

Have a great day  XX

Friday, 6 July 2012

Polymer mini-food perfection.

It`s FOLKSY friday!
Polymer seems to be a wonderfully versatile medium, these super items display the creative talents of their makers - click on the links to find out more.  I think they look great, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did finding them on FOLKSY.

carols crafts

Lovely handmade mini fruit tarts, looks good enough to eat. 

The Jewellrey Angel

I always used to love the pink and yellow round allsorts the best.  How nice to have a bagfull with you all day!
Cutie Pies

All this AND you get to choose fragranced or non-fragranced raspberry and chocolate cake ring.  I dont think that this ring could get any better!