Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Football, soap & spiders.

I must say that I`m now belatedly getting into Euro 2012, perhaps its the fine eastern european weather or the wall to wall coverage on the telly.  Cant make up my mind who I want to win, England, of course wont.  So who will?  Italy, Spain, The Netherlands (unlikely at the moment?), Germany perhaps.  My second team Sweden, have a mountain to climb after their defeat to Denmark and they are due to play England this week.  OK I`ll back Italy and will eat my hat if England do win (or a bar of my handmade soap).

Botanic Ocean
I`ve been messing around with new images for my new products, this is my favorite so far, very nautically on trend I thought.

I found this little critter in my kitchen yesterday - she was safely extracted using the glass and paper method and now lurks around the patio, waiting for me to open my windows to return to her hiding place - be very afraid!!!!

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