Friday, 15 June 2012

Footie & pizza Friday

Dont you just love Fridays?? 

Lavender balm

I`ve listed my new lavender sleep balm today, I think I`ll need the legendary relaxation properties of lavender, during the football tonight, so I expect to be rubbing it into my skin like crazy.

I came across a new online selling platform the other day, its free to list and has no sellers fee.  Well worth signing up for! 

No excuse needed for pizza for dinner this evening.  I`ll probably add some of my homegrown salad though, as a nod to healthy eating.  The frequent rain showers and periods of sunshine are doing my veg patch the world of good but it really could be doing better. 
My courgettes are swelling but my green beans are less than happy.


  1. I always feel justified eating pizza when I have salad as well! Our garden seems to have shot up lately with all the rain:) And home-grown veg tastes so much better doesn't it??

    1. Indeed it does, I found 1 ripe strawberry today, I ate it and didnt tell the kids - I didnt feel guity at all!