Tuesday, 26 August 2014

I, like umpteen other watched the return of Dr Who this weekend.  I was a little apprehensive as our family will miss Matt Smith so much, especially our children, who loved him as their `first Dr` (mine was Tom Baker - so you can guess how old I am!).  However Peter Capaldi is one of our most esteemed actors and it seems it was an act of genius casting.  I thought he hit just the right note of confusion, madness and brilliance of an alien who often seems to be on the cusp of transforming into something more evil than the evil he is trying to overcome.

Anyway!  I got all inspired by the episode`s Victorian setting and created a new Etsy treasury, featuring a few of my most favourite steampunk goodies on offer from UK sellers - click below to view!

my new steampunk UK Etsy treasury

I did sneek in one of my items - a steampunk inspired necklace!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Lost in France....

We returned a couple of weeks ago from our summer holidays - as the children are older, we decided to venture overseas with them for the first time as a family.  A trip to the south of France was agreed upon and we merrily made our way, via Eurostar and the TGV to the Cote d`azur.
Cue a horrendous mix up at Avignon TGV station, involving getting on the wrong train at the wrong time and we were whizzing back towards the North of France.  Luckily all French stereotypes were overturned when we were given lots of help getting our holiday back on track, the guard on the TGV explained we could get off at Lyon and then speak to customer services to see what they could do.  I could have kissed the chap at the enquiries desk when he allowed us free access to the next TGV back to our original destination in the South.  The only problem being the train had no more seats so we would have to stand; we ended up in the baggage section and felt like box car hobos, but we got to were we had to get to - albeit a little later than anticipated.
All in all a great adventure - for the children - not us adults!  We spend the next week sunning ourselves, swimming in the med and eating fine French food.  Luckliy our trip back passed without any problems PHEW!  Needless to say, we`ll do it all over again next year!

Friday - sometime in August 2014...

I`ve just opened my NEW Etsy shop, featuring my new passion, resin jewelley and I thought I`d share with you some of my designs!
Daisy the cow (pic2) is now sold and is on her way to her her new home in the US of A.  In the last few weeks and months I have created a tonne of necklaces, brooches and rings, which I dont possible have enough limbs or time to wear, hence my new shop.

take a peek at