Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Soap Art

Being a soap maker - I appreciate the technical difficulties in producing the lovely artisan designs available these days.  Although I usually produce rustic designs, I really enjoy other makers work. Here are three of my favorite sellers and a mini celebration of soap art, click on the links to see more of their wonderful designs!  OH, did I say - natural soap really is best for your skin!

Pomegranate Noir by Earth Kandi is a white, grey & pink layered soap with dark pink circular inserts.  The layering and colour scheme enhances the fragrance, which is fruity fresh and feminine.http://www.tosouk.com/people/shop/EarthKandiEarthKandi

Kushmoma`s Atlantis has a swirled teal, green and white marbled effect.  I bet the fragrance is wonderful too.  It takes skill and experience to acheive this effect.

Scentcosmetics apple soap, is realistically styled and along with the other items in their range are some of the most true to life soap products I have come across.  Looks good enough to eat but I wouldn`t suggest anyone actually does.


  1. Gorgeous, thanks for sharing. I must admit- Scentcosmetics bowls me over- I love their peaches too- amazing!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring Kushmoma.

  3. Scentcosmetics are amazing! I dont know how they do it, I love your designs Kushmoma!

  4. Late in seeing this - I know but thank you so much. Love the soaps above us in this listing!

    And I'm taking hints on the bread!!! You have given me ideas!