Monday, 30 March 2015

Viking Style

One of my favorite telly programmes made it`s UK return last week - VIKINGS!  The story follows a norseman called Ragnar, from his days as a farmer to a powerful Earl, it`s lusty, energetic and really quite bloodthirsty and is based on a real Scandinavian Saga.  To celebrate I`ve picked some of my favorite Viking inspired items currently available on!

Handmade Baby Bandana Dribble Bib with Dutch Designer VIKIINGS Jersey Fabric
Handmade Baby Bandana Dribble Bib by BellaOski Designs

Rune Stone Sterling Band Ring - Ancient Viking Treasure - Nordic
Rune Stone Sterling Bank Ring by Nanfan Jewellery
Vintage inspired Danish Viking A3 print Vintage Mid-century style print
Vintage inspired Danish Viking Print by  Planet Utopia

Agnar and Wilfric Tiny Viking Studs Made to Order
`Agnar & Wilfric` earrings by Jewellery Designs by Sarah Birt

Aren`t they great?  Click on the titles to find out or - or visit for more great UK make items -  dont forget to visit my shop too for a great range of handmade resin jewellery!

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Easter Folksy Bunnies Galore!

With Easter fast approaching it`s great to see lots of rabbits everywhere, here are some of my favorite bunnies currently available at  Enjoy!
Rabbit and Thistle
Rabbit & Thistle by Cally Conway Prints

Personalised bunny £18.00
Personalised Bunnies by Cheeky Patch
'Rabbit Costume' A4 Print
Rabbit Costume A4 print by Jimboart
Rabbit Mug £11.25
Rabbit Mug by Laura Kate Draws

Hope you enjoyed these, I think they are great, visit for lots more special stuff - dont forget to visit my shop too!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Folksy Friday - beach huts!

Well, it`s Friday all over again and it`s lovely & sunny for once. 
On a day like today, I daydream about my summer holidays & wish I was sitting in a beach hut sipping a cup of tea while seagulls fly overhead. So I went looking around on instead!
Here are some of the lovely beach hut inspired items I found today on - click on the photos to view!

Fused Glass Beach Hut Tile
Fused Glass Beach Hut Tile by Blue Phoenix Glass
Knitting Pattern for "Sunny Seaside" Tea Cosy
Knitting-Pattern-for-Sunny-Seaside-Tea-Cosy By BusyBee

Beach Hut Suncatcher Stained Glass Blue White
Beach hut suncatcher By JOYSofGLASS

Beach Hut Clock
Beach Hut Clock by Dew Drop Crafts
Hope you like them - visit Folksy for more lovely ideas - and dont forget to pop into my shop too!