Friday, 31 May 2013

Nordic Noir

Here in the UK, Nordic Noir is extremely popular, whether in book or screen form.  I love Jo Nesbo`s books featuring Harry Hole, who is a washed up down at heel kinda guy.  TV programmes include `Wallender`, no not the one with Sir Kenneth, the original Swedish TV series; `Arne Dahl` , `The Killing`, `The Bridge` and my own personal favorite, `Borgen`.  It`s a political drama featuring the Danish PM with all the twists, turns, back-stabbing and personal sacrifices involved in politial life.  Dilemmas and problems encountered can easily be transposed to the UK system which makes `Borgen` totally relevent to my life.  It also features a rather sweet romance between the PM`s spin doctor and a leading journalist; who attempts to help said spin doctor face his personal demons.  It`s back for a third series really soon
In the meantime, I`ve had to make do with `The Fall` on BBC2 on Mondays - a little bit of homegrown Nordic Noir.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

I love reading and there is nothing I like better than finding something that really sparks my imagination.  I particually love historical fiction and romances - not very high-brow I know but I just love slipping back to bygone times. I think my university lecturers would have disowned me if they had known this!
One of my favorites is Elizabeth Chadwick as she writes about one of my favorite periods 11th-15th century, which was a time of great turmoil and strife in the UK.  Her heroines are always clever, perky courageous, her heroes are always handsome, smart and brave.  Just what you want on a miserable rainy day! 
I`m currently reading `The Other Boleyn Girl` by Philippa Gregory, which although isn`t a reflection of the actual events, which are still murky and still not completely agreed upon, it is a super read with twists and turns, romance, pain, unrequented love.  Spookily enough the film version is on BBC2 this Friday and the BBC is currently running a Tudor season and have adapted the White Queen for the telly - so if that`s your bag - tune in!