Friday, 21 September 2012

What can I do with beetroot?

 With Autumn now firmly upon us, I have started to havest the bounty of my veg patch.  This always leaves me with a profusion of beetroot, which is easy to grow, but not easy to find suitable uses for.

There are only so many cheese and beetroot sandwiches I can eat and I`m not fond of the picke version, so I decided to have a go at buns.


4oz S R flour
4oz marg
4 oz sugar
2 medium eggs
juice and zest of 1 orange
grated flesh of 2 small beetroot (cooked & skinned first)

Mix the lot together, but leave out the grated beetroot for now.  Ensure a smooth creamy consistancy, then add the beetroot.  Dont mix too much to ensure a pink marbled effect.  However if you want pink cakes, mix well.  Spoon into bun cases and bake for 15 mins at gas mark 5.

I`ve also been getting ready for Christmas (!) and mave made repeats of my christmas soap. 

Spice, Frost, Snow and Frankincence & Myhrr are now on the curing rack, giving my home a super, seasonal yuletide fragrance.  Now, where are the mince pies........

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