Thursday, 15 November 2012

Vintage love

Salt & Pepper shakers
In a fit of optimism, I reopened my vintage online store recently.  I just adore finding unusual, kitcsh, shabby and beautiful pre-loved items.  The sort of stuff that you NEVER see anywhere else. I`ll clean them up, fix them up if necessary and rehome them.  I`ve had a wee bit of sucess in the past with sales, so I thought I`d restart one of my favourite hobbies.  Here are a few of my more recent finds.
19 70sJuicy floral drinking glasses.

Vintage floral and gold glamorous tea caddy.

 I sold the floral glasses this week, to a customer in South Korea, I really hope they get all the way there in one piece - fingers crossed!

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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday 6th November

Much excitement to be had at Miss Poppys HQ at the moment.  After much procrastination, Miss Poppy is going to get her very own workshop!!  Our old, tumbledown, garage is being updated and there is going to be room for Miss Poppy to have her own creative space, I`m extremely pleased and I`m now planning allsorts of stuff!  Here`s a picture of the area as it is now, expect updates about the building work as time progresses!

With Christmas drawing closer, I`m getting ready for fayres and sales.  I have lots of new products for sale, including bath and body oil, handmade with pure essential oils, gourmet christmas soap, all purpose skin balm and a soap deli. 

I have also been experimenting with mens shaving soap, which is being tested my my husband.  I`ve been casting the soap into vintage coffee cups for fuss free storage and the easy ability to get a shaving brush around the soap. With added green kaolin clay to ensure good razor `slip` and shea butter to leave the skin supple and cared for. The coffee cups can obviously be reused afterwards!  These will be ready for sale in 2013, once I have the perfect formula and curing is complete!