Wednesday, 11 July 2012

New items!

 Gosh, I`ve been busy this week, I have designed and created two new environmentally inspired soaps.

To the right is SAHARA, made with coconut, olive and sweet almond oils with added shea butter.  I`ve fragranced it with sandalwood and added blush pink waves of colour.  I hoped it would look like a sand dune, I was so pleased with the result.

Next was RAIN (no prizes for guessing why), again with extra shea butter and fragranced with a fresh water aroma with spicy top notes.  I also added fresh rainwater!  I think the blue colour I have used looks like water ripples.

I have also been thinking about CHRISTMAS and have come up with two seasonally inspired soaps - to the right is FROST, wintery mint with berries and frosty blue.  Below is FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH, spicy and sweet and a super yellow and sunset red colour scheme.
Frankincense and Myrrh

Due to the soap curing process, all four designs wont be available to buy for four weeks.  Rain and Sahara will be available on ETSY and FOLKSY, however FROST AND FRANKINCENSE and MYRRH will be available at the Tannenbaum Christmas Barn! Visit them on

I`m also chuffed to say that MISS POPPY is now also supplying the Ducks Drift in South Creake.  Visit them on and book your next weekend away!

Have a great day  XX