Friday, 17 October 2014

Locked in.....sounds good to me!

Today, a little light relief from the worsening Ebola crisis, the news carried a report of a chap in London, who got locked into a bookshop last night.  He was only apparently rescued after his tweets were re-tweeted umpteen times.  Apart from feeling that the shop staff really should have checked the shop more thoroughly before departing, I got to wondering what I would do in the same situation in my local bookshop.   

It is quite unheard of to have no other distraction other than shelves and shelves of books to fumble through, other than if you are a library assistant (but in my experience, all that sort of work is now done robotically these days), or a student, so it is quite a delicious prospect to me.  Usually my reading time is surrounded by family members, alternately arguing, running around, requesting sustenance and talking to me, with the telly blaring and the cat scratching at the door.  It can take me weeks and weeks to get through a good book.  

I think I would firstly flick through all of Kirstie Alsopps craft books, move onto the cook books, especially the cakes and pastries, photography, medieval history, interior design then the music biographies, stopping off at the cafe to make a coffee and munch a muffin or two.  Then downstairs to the manga graphic novels, completely missing the chic lit, then onto Nordic Noir then lastly the historical fiction.  For many of us, this sort of opportunity will never arrive - perhaps I`ll hide in the loo next time I`m in the shop, just hoping I`ll be forgotten!!

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