Tuesday, 7 October 2014

La Roche Posay Review

I`m a 40 something who still has awful skin...

Sometimes I feel that I really should be going to a AA style meeting, standing up and confessing to this fact.  I`ve always had acne, well since my early teens and still have problems now, whilst most of my peers left pimply horrors in the distant past, a flare-up just about any where on my face has the capacity to completely spoil my day/week/special night out/holiday.  In fact when my best friend got married, I developed an awful, infected pimple which not amount of concealer could conceal.  I was most self conscious and felt that everyone was staring at me and not the bride.
I have tried everything that the chemist has to offer as well as numerous trips to the doctor, nothing has worked for any length of time, usually because the treatments were so harsh my face felt like it was being injured and my scaring was worse than ever. Very frustrating.....
About a year ago I stumbled upon this range of premium skincare, La Roche Posay, it encouraged me not to view my spotty skin as an enemy and that my oily, sore skin was in fact sensitive and needed treatment.  I began to feel more positive about my appearance - for once I felt confident and did not allow the state of my skin to dictate my mood.
After a week or so, my clogged pores had begun to clear, my skin was calmer and less inflamed, giving my skin time to heal itself, something it had never encountered previously due to constant flare-ups and infections.
So yep - I`d recommend this one, there are many I would not!
La roche posay, el mejor cuidado

So lastly good points & bad points:

Good Points
mild and fresh fragrance
non oily/greasy
great for oily sensitive skin
use under moisturiser and make up

Not so Good Points
quite pricey
can be difficult to find| 
(stocked by Boots - or but online)

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